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Brown recluse spiders have increasingly adapted to human environments, moving into homes, sheds, and barns. These dangerous spiders are indeed reclusive, preferring crawl spaces, attics, garages, and cellars. Although they are not aggressive, because they have been known to hide in boxes and storage bins, your family could be at risk of a dangerous bite if anyone accidentally disturbs their hiding spot.

If the brown recluse spider is allowed to establish itself in an area, it can rapidly increase its population and can be difficult to control. In the home, it favors secluded spots like unsealed cracks or crevices where they cannot be seen. They come out at night to prey on insects and do not establish webs.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Poisonous?

While they generally avoid people, brown recluse spiders are poisonous. Their reclusive nature makes them more dangerous, as both adults and children can be bitten when they roll over on a spider during sleep, by putting on clothing where a spider is hiding, or when moving boxes or other stored items. The bite is painful and requires immediate medical attention. 

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Getting Rid of the Recluse

Effective control of a brown recluse infestation requires very detailed investigatory actions undertaken with a bright flashlight. Our team will leave no stone unturned, looking into all the places a recluse may hide, including:

  • Crevices, corners, and wall-floor junctures especially where there is clutter
  • Behind stored items
  • In attics, basements, and crawl spaces
  • In crevices behind and beneath beds, closets, clothing, and more
  • Above suspended ceilings
  • Behind baseboards, woodwork, ducts, and HVAC registers
  • In barns, sheds, and woodpiles

After performing an extensive investigation that includes identifying the presence of the brown recluse, our Wentzville brow recluse control specialists will recommend any necessary changes in storage, lighting, and crevice abatement as well as moving woodpiles away from the house foundation and other property structures. We will then put together a removal procedure tailored to your specific situation. 

Brown recluse trouble? X-Pest can control them. Give us a call today at (636) 357-4432.

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